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Date Updated: 23/11/2022

Solid Timber Cajons:

Mixed Queensland Hardwood – $475 (Enquire here)


Due to unavailability during December, this will be the final cajon available for sale during 2022. Contact now to purchase.


➡️ Adjustable on/off snare – simple one handed adjustment of the lever on side of drum

➡️ “Rim Shot” upper corners of drum face – provide sharp, snappy sound

➡️ Sound hole reinforced to double as an ergonomically shaped carry handle

➡️ Durable construction of solid timber – mixed Queensland hardwood

➡️ Mitre joint corners on body of drum, reinforced with feature splines for strength

➡️ 4mm tapa (drum face) with Tasmanian Oak veneer

➡️ Finished with Whittle Waxes Evolution Hard Wax Oil.

➡️ “Premier” professional quality solid timber cajon for a superior quality sound

Plywood Cajons:

Plywood Cajons are no longer being manufactured at this time.

Consider the premium quality of a solid timber cajon!

Check back soon to see when other cajons become available, or enquire here.