At Arc Handmade Cajons, we endeavour to be able to provide option for a range of accessories which you may find useful. (Any prices listed are in $AUD, and may be subject to change without notice.)

Premium Padded Cajon Bags

Custom made (by Namana Bags) for Arc Handmade Cajons. Made for a perfect fit for our standard sized cajons.

  • High quality materials and zips
  • Full 1cm thick padding
  • Generous front pocket for all your accessories!
  • Adjustable, padded shoulder strap
  • Velcro to connect carry handles together if desired

You won’t be disappointed with these bags!

Shoulder Strap Bag – $180

* As the Arc Handmade Cajons are slightly larger (depth) than many commercially available cajons, these bags have been sourced to fit our handmade cajons. Other commercially available cajon bags may not fit an Arc Handmade Cajon.

Vater Cajon Brushes – $45 (RRP $52.99)

A great sounding brush/stick element for use on a cajon drum. Made of wavy polymer strands, it adds a fantastic texture element to your cajon playing. With rubber O-rings which can be used to loosen off or tighten the polymer strands of the brushes, to alter the sound in your playing.

Cajon Pedal – POA

A cajon pedal provides additional playing options, enabling you to play a bass tone of your cajon with your foot on a pedal. We are able to source the LP Cajon Pedal by order.

RRP is $349 – ask for a special price for new and past customers!lp1500__medium

Cajon Amplification

LP Cajon Mic Mount, with Audix ADX60 microphone – POA

This is a truly exceptional method for amplifying your cajon. A brilliant system which connects the high quality Audix ADX60 microphone directly onto your cajon – no more bumping a mic stand as you play! Enquire to obtain pricing.


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