Arc Handmade Cajons is a small home based business, manufacturing custom, handmade cajon drums – located in the northern suburbs of the Brisbane area – North Lakes. (A.B.N. 76 254 216 620)

Each of the Arc Handmade Cajons are individually hand crafted, taking great pride in creating a high quality instrument with great look, sound, and durability.

What is a Cajon?

A Cajon is a simple, wooden box drum. In fact, the word “Cajon” is a spanish word which can be translated as “box” or “drawer”.

The Cajon originated in Peru. When African Slaves were brought to South-America, they were not allowed to play their traditional drums. They started to use simple wooden boxes and shipping crates as substitutes – and the Cajon was born.

Hardwood Cajon – The 100th Arc Handmade Cajon

The cajon has enjoyed an amazing surge in popularity in recent times, and with good reason. This simple, yet effective instrument, gives an amazing sound, like a drum kit in a box. It is simple enough to get started for anyone, but challenging enough that there is always something new to master.

This brief video will show you a little more about the cajon.

Features of Arc Handmade Cajons

  • Adjustable on/off snare – simple one handed adjustment of the lever on side of drum
  • “Rim Shot” upper corners of drum face – provide sharp, snappy sound
  • Sound hole reinforced to double as an ergonomically shaped carry handle. Back board of cajon is 4mm ply, with reinforcing for handle area.
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Typical Cajon Dimensions
    • Height – 485mm; Width – 300mm; Depth – 345-350mm
    • Cajon depth (front to back) is more generous than many commercially available cajons. This extra size in dimensions gives more resonance to the cajon, and particularly assists with the bass tone.
  • Premier Solid Timber Cajons: Construction from a variety of solid timbers. (Currently, no plywood cajons are being made. Focus is on the solid timber cajons)
  • 3.0 – 3.6 mm tapa (drum face)

All Arc Handmade Cajons are guaranteed for 12 months against faulty workmanship. Please see warranty information here.

Have a particular finish in mind? Special request for customisation? Ask the question and I’ll see if I can help.

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